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80th Southport Flower Show 2009

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FILMING:-     Thursday, 20 August 2009 to Sunday, 23 August 2009.

The Southport Flower Show website

THIS footage was taken at the 80th Southport Flower Show. This show had stunning show gardens, beautiful floral displays and lots of entertainment. This video lets you see and hear what happened at the 2009 event and should wet your taste buds for next years show!  Please select the footage via the player list, that you want to watch.  Flower Show is the full Flower Show footage, with interviews and highlights. The Vender Brothers is  footage of the daredevil act performing for the crowds.  To see them, just click in the one you want to watch.
If the 2009 show was good, the 2010 show, over 19 August to 22 August is set to be even more amazing. 
To see lots more photographs taken at the 2009 event and to read our written reports and see our photographic reports, click on here now!

All footage is copyright of PBT Media Relations Ltd.  & PCBT Photography.
All the music is copyright of the bands who supplied the material.   All rights reserved. Thank you.