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FILMED:- Monday, 18 May 2009

To see lots more photographs taken at this event and our written report, click on here now!

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THE event was run not only to raise cash for the local Claire House, but also to celebrate the tunnel´s 75 years of operation. It was back in 18 July 1934 that the tunnel was opened by King George V, after almost 9 years of work to complete it.
This footage was filmed via mobile phone, so the quality is not very high.  It shows what happened and also lots of footage from under the river...  Are you on the footage?  If you are and you want to let us know what you thought of this historic event are, then please do send us an email via Thanks!


Useful web link to Mersey tunnel history.

Please note that footage is copyright PBT Media Relations Ltd. & PCBT Photography.  All rights reserved.  Thank you.