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Official Opening of RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh

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THIS footage was taken at the Official opening of RSPB Hesketh Out Marsh nature reserve on the Ribble Estuary, near Southport, on Friday 9 October 2009. The nature reserve is made up of over 150 hectares of reclaimed saltmarsh, a grassland habitat which floods at the highest tides. It will offer valuable new habitat for thousands of breeding, wintering and migratory birds, as well as play an important role in flood protection. The area was originally part of the saltmarsh of the     Ribble Estuary but was transformed into agricultural land nearly 30 years ago after being enclosed by a private outer sea embankment. It took four years for the area to returned to saltmarsh, with the RSPB has been working hard with the Environment Agency. This project was also supported by Lancaster City Council, the Lancashire Rural Recovery Action Plan, Natural England, Biffaward and The Banister Charitable Trust.

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You can find detailed maps and directions on the RSPB website:-
To see lots more photographs and to read our written report, click on here now!

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