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Video Archive

Program Name  Description Date Recorded 
(flv)LFC ELITES Interview 2013 LIVERPOOL FC and the London School of Business and Finance have both come together to form the LFC ELITES, find out why by playing this video.
Sorry this page is offline. We are updating this player and footage.
2013-06-03 12:00:00
(flv)Liverpool Carnival 2009 SEE our 15min Coverage of the Liverpool 2009 Samba Carnival as it passed throught Liverpool 2009-08-02 01:06:07
(flv)Liverpool Fashion Week 2009 HTML clipboard

THE footage was taken at over two nights, at two of the many amazing events that took place over from 7 March 2009 to 14 March 2009. Also hear our exclusive Caprice Valerie Bourret, interview from the 10 March 2009 event at the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool and also our radio interview with Helen Carlson Claire House area fundraiser for Merseyside after the LIPA Fashion show.

2009-03-21 12:00:00
(flv)Liverpool's Bug World Opens FOOTAGE taken at the opning of Liverpool 2009-07-09 01:07:10
(flv)Matt Colman's Christmas Magic

SOUTHPORT Magician Matt Colman took time out to go around Southport with us to film this fun and entertaining footage.

2009-10-10 12:00:00
(flv)Mersey Tunnel Walk 2009 FOOTAGE to go with our Southport Reporter report:- "Walk Under The Mersey Is A Massive Success".   Taken at the 75th Anniversary Queensway Tunnel walk on Sunday, 19 July 2009.  (Shot via mobile phone camera)
2009-07-19 12:00:00
(wmv)Miss Rockin' Asia 2009 THIS is our exclusive video footage of the Miss Rockin' Asia 2009 event with music provided my the band LOST. 2009-04-30 12:00:00
(flv)Miss Southport Final 2010 FOOTAGE taken at the Miss Southport, finals on Wednesday, 19 May 2010.  With the winner who is going on to Miss england, Abigale Bridggman, or to her friends, Abi.
2011-07-05 12:00:00