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Video Archive

Programme Name  Description Date Recorded 
(flv)Partial Eclipse Of The Sun 2011 VIDEO footage of the Partial Solar Eclipse, taken over sun rise, on 4 January 2011. 2011-01-04 12:00:00
(flv)Exclusive Miss England & Miss Southport 2010 Interview INTERVIEW with the 2010 Miss Southport winner, Abi Bridgeman and Miss England 2010 winner, Jessica Linley at the close of their year.  What they their views are, what they did and more!
2010-12-05 06:09:37
(flv)Royal British Legion Formby Formby Remembrance Sunday Service - 14 November 2010 THIS is simple Remembrance Service is held each year at the Formby British Legion War Memorial in Whitehouse Lane.  Filmed on 14 October 2010.
2010-11-14 11:44:14
(flv)A-Team's Dirk Benedict at FAB Manchester HTML clipboardTHIS hour long footage is very entertaining and provides a very unusual insite in to 80's TV cast member of the A-Team and Battlestar Galatica - to name just a few, Mr Dirk Benedict... 2010-06-06 12:00:00
(flv)The End Of The Kingsway Nightclub 2010 THE edited video footage of the remaining hulk being razed on Wednesday, 8 September 2010.   This demolition took place because of the risk of further walls collapsing.
2010-09-08 01:11:01
(flv)Miss Southport Final 2010 FOOTAGE taken at the Miss Southport, finals on Wednesday, 19 May 2010.  With the winner who is going on to Miss england, Abigale Bridggman, or to her friends, Abi.
2011-07-05 12:00:00
(flv)Pedal it Pink 2010

THISfootage was taken at Liverpool

2010-04-18 10:15:54
(flv)Scouts in Southport Mark St George SOUTHPORT 2010-03-25 12:00:00